Meet the Coach

Hello and welcome! Let’s meet your coach…

Coach Ron Lindsey

Coach Ron  is the proud founder and owner of Yardwork Baseball Instruction, established in 2018. He was a scholarship player at San Diego State University 2003-2006.  Ron played under Head Coach Tony Gwynn.  He is a San Diego native, and played at Point Loma High School where he was selected for the 2000, 2001, 2002 All Western League, 2002 All CIF and 2001 AAU National Champion (SD Gamers).

Over the last 25+ years, he has worked hard at his craft and studied the art of pitching and hitting. At the age of 10, he set a goal of receiving a free college education through his baseball talents.  Hard work and dedication allowed him to achieve this goal, which he now hopes to pass on the knowledge of the game to our youth.  He values seeing the growth of a young ballplayer and watching his/her confidence develop, on and off the diamond.  He also enjoys teaching respect for the game and developing sportsmanship, while setting goals collectively and achieving them as a team.  He excels in working with children of all ages, and coaches softball players as well.

Baseball lessons with Coach Ron are great way to get in those extra repetitions. His one-on-one sessions guarantee quality coaching in a friendly environment. His goals are to teach the proper mechanics in a simple manner and increase players confidence, all while having fun! Coach Ron is easily able to connect with players of all ages as he has mentored students in little league, high school, and collegiate baseball clinics.